Garden Design and Consulting Services


Marin county garden design
California native perennials Monardella villosa (coyote mint), Eriogonum latifolium (coastal buckwheat), and Mimulus 'Eleanor' (monkeyflower)


1) Garden Visit
The process begins with a walk through your garden so I can get to know you and the site and help you make decisions about your garden. We will talk about your preferences and I will photograph the site for later reference while ideas percolate.

2) Report & Plant List 
I can provide you with a report based on our discussion. This document will contain my evaluation of the site, suggestions regarding any plants that might be removed and replaced, and a list - based on your preferences - of plants that will thrive in your location and how those plants should be grouped. I will make recommendations regarding irrigation, weed suppression, and soil improvement. 

Garden Design

For a comprehensive garden design, I can provide a plan drawn to scale with a plant list and instructions for its implementation.