Garden Design and Consulting Services


Marin county garden design
Rudbeckia, asters, and sunflowers in a late summer garden

Garden Design and Consulting Services

My focus is on ecological landscaping with an emphasis on creating wildlife habitat using mostly non-thirsty California native species.

I can design for small, suburban yards as well as larger rural properties.

The process begins with an initial in-person consultation to get to know you and your property.  I can then provide you with a fixed quote on a design concept and plant list. This is a three part document that includes:

  1. Site preparation instructions: Recommendations for improving soil health, effective weed suppression, efficient irrigation, and deer remediation (if applicable).
  2. Plant lists: Photos and descriptions of each species or cultivar. Each entry includes information about size, color, bloom time etc. as well as the plant's ecological value. 
  3. Design Concept: Photos of your garden with comments about which plants or plant types I believe would work well for each area, including the reasoning behind my recommendations.

Once you’ve had an opportunity to review the design concept, I'm available to meet on an hourly basis to help the project along. We can meet to make some decisions together about plant selection and placement. I often use flags to visualize the spacing and to develop a shopping list so you know how many and which plants to buy, and I am sometimes available to do the plant sourcing. Once you have your plants, I can site them for you so that your crew knows exactly where to plant them.